What is your definition of 'Chubby' 'fat' and 'obese'?

Do you consider these terms to be synonyms or are they different?

Also Where do you draw the line the line between nonchubby and chubby?


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  • Well there's the Body Mass Index, bu you can also test your body fat percentage with a Digital Body Fat Analyzer.

    Or go here: link

    My definition of chubby is someone who has stretch marks. I had them when I was fat. Though when I say stretch marks I mean, like noticeable but somewhat mild.

    Obesity is when you have a massive roll of fat. Like say you have a 36 inch waist, and you keep putting on those jeans but one day notice a roll-over, you're now probably obese.

    Or look at it this way:



    With chubby arms, you seem to have FULL arms, with obese arms you have Puddy roll...

    • so by your definition of chubby most women in the world would be chubby even though any body type can get stretchmarks

    • Any body type can get stretch marks? How? I lost my stretch marks when I got fit. Fit women who get pregnant can have stretch marks...that wasn't my point.

      The easy measure of weight is 2lbs for every inch.

      So for example, 5 feet is 60 inches which should be about 120lbs.

      6 feet is 72 inches which would be about 144lbs.

      These aren't set weights terms but it's a good measure to follow. Though if I recall you're suppose to make it 2.5lbs for every inch after you hit 5 feet.

      So 6ft=150lbs

  • chubby is having some belly fat sticking out

    fat is when you see a lump

    i never thought of what obese looks like to be honest I guess id say really really big

  • chubby: got a little pudgyness to the stomach

    fat: stomach hangs a lot and you have some rolls

    obese: full on beer belly, huge as f*ck


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  • Whats with all of the fat questions on this site?

    To me chubby is about 40 pounds over weight.Depends on numerous factors obviously...height,muscle mass etc.But to me anyone 30-40 pounds over their recommended weight bracket (give or take a few) is chubby.To me fat and obese is the same thing.It means that you are in danger of diabetes,hypertention,and heart disease.

  • They're different to me, by far.


    Whether they're slimish/average, if they look like you could poke them and it's soft and bouncy they're chubby. (I know small framed people that are still slim yet their skin? looks kinda chubby~!) The look babies have.

    Perhaps a little pudgy.

    Fat - overweight

    Obese - seriously overweight, major health problems.

  • chubby= a little extra round, not in shape

    fat= very round, far from being in shape, bad diet

    obese= can't get up the stairs without wheezing.