What type of hair style is right for me?

I kinda look like the comedian John Legazamo. Google him, what type of hair cut/style do you think would look good on me?


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  • Out of all the pictures on Google, I think this one looks the best: link

    You could probably even go a little bit shorter on top to achieve a more clean cut appearance.

    • Yea I was gonna say a different one, but this ones better. But keep it like the picture. Looks like Tybalt of that Romeo and Juliet movie.

    • Haha he is... it's kinda sad that people don't know him that much... I personally love him XD

    • Yeah they're the same guy lol. Great movie.

      I don't like the slicked down look as much as the natural, but both work.

  • Ooh he's cute!

    • Realy do you think he is cute?

    • Yeah he looks good

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