Is saying that someone looks smart like saying they are ugly?

I do not wear glasses, but people always think I am intelligent. One time I told the guy I'm actually really dumb, and he told me "oh it's the context of your face" or something like that. Then another an employee at school thought I was a chemistry major (LOL).

But I don't get it, I have been called hot many times so how can I look smart?

To me, this is like a slap accross the face because I feel like it's saying I"m unattractive since only nerds are smart/intelligent.


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  • No, It's a style. You can be good looking but doing your hair one way or wearing glasses makes you look like a stereotypical character (ie: intelligent, hipster, party boy etc) Some people carry themselves in a way which may appear that way or we are used to seeing the stereotypical character of an intelligent person on TV so we think anyone resembling that must be that.

  • Yea, a lot of people assume I'm smart upon first glance...i really wonder why sometimes, besides the fact that I'm Asian ( or maybe that is the only fact)

    • It might have to do with you being Asian. I'm not Asian but I do have dark hair and eyes, maybe that has something to do with it.

    • well, yea...i guess the general stereotypes being brunettes or darker haired folks being more intelligent...but I think it has to do with the way I dress as well...for example, I don't wear anything flashy or revealing; I wear mostly things that are conservative, which makes people take me more seriously, I guess...

      It's definitely a great thing for people to assume you're intelligent, though!

      especially, for guys!

      you're doing something right :) don't be ashamed, take it as a compliment :)

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