Getting a hair cut and wondering what style would look good on me.

here is what I look like after a whole winter of not cutting my hair

front: link

Side: link

info: I have very thick hair, and I do plan on shaving too so if anyone has a good suggestions for that too it would be helpful.

here's what I can find that I like. link , link , link , link , I'm not too sure about this one but here it is any way link

here is my new look link it was better with the jell in it but I still think it looks cool.


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  • Short hairstyles that add height at the crown of the head, such as spikes or faux hawks will be ideal for you then you can try it with a clean shave or go with some side burns keep those side locks medium sized imagine yourself with all this if you feel like its going gr8 go for it!

    • so like this one link but with longer sideburns? can you link a few pictures about the sideburns you are talking about?

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    • thnxss for the Best Answer Buddy !

    • no problem

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  • i think the 4th link would look best,longer than the other examples,some height on top,slicked back

    • so you think a longer hair cut would be better than the shorter ones than like number 2?

    • yup,not too long,just slightly longer so it looks..well..i don't know the right word,but,yeah-4th link sums it up

  • brush cut

    • I don't think I like those very much. way too short for my taste. thanks for the suggestion though.

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  • Look at this one, its from Tom cruise where he has it just to the lenghts you can do it to the sides really good, you can make that look real good, but its a pain to get to that point.

    link , or that one link but you need to let it grow longer than that for it.

    I know, I know, its really hard, I have problems with it too, but many sites state you that you gotta get through it and think of the awesome result it brings in the end.

    I gotta go through that too, haha, remember, you can always cut hair, but never stick it back.

  • Id advise you to let the front grow longer so you can relay do that good to the sides, but its something that's kinda hard to get through, once done it looks really good though!