Should I get a pixie cut?

When I was 13, my hair cut in a pixie cut.

Except, I was 13, and I kind of looked like a boy still, and I didn't really style it and it kind of just sat their like a mop. And I cut it a few times since but now it's at shoulder length and it's just annoying.

my hair is really thick and can't be styled really, it's just blah. I think pixie would be MUCH easier to maintain cause I'm SO lazy. also I have a septum piercing, so like, there's another thing.

I think I want to go pixie again.

(put dots where the #'s are)

media#tumblr#com/tumblr_m3apxprq0w1qhvkut#jpg I look like this

26#media#tumblr#com/tumblr_m1d0i9dEx31qie5q8o1_500#jpg and like this with my septum out.

so yeah. Help me?


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  • HELL NO!

  • Pixie certainly wouldn't be my first choice but would not stop me from dating you...(:


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  • first of all-does the opinion of guys matter to you? because I have a friend who has piercings too,and she's recently cut her hair really short,almost bald,and,to me,and other girls,she looks freaking amazing,she has petite features so it looks feminine,even tho she's androgynous in general. BUT,the only guys who like her with short hair,are those who are into fashion,not even her own kind-emos,like it.

    also,we're the same age,and I've also cut my hair into a pixie cut,now I'm growing it out but will probably go back to the pixie,all I have to say is-hair grows back,you may get flashes of ''WHYYYY DID I DO IT?'' once in a while,but other than that,this is your time to experiment,to see what looks good on you,and well,i believe every girl should cut off her hair at some point.

    -to sum up,i say do it,but don't expect many guys to like it.

  • If you want to, do it. I'm sure you could pull it off. of course different people are going to have different preferences on which hairstyle looks best, but what really matters is which you're happy with. Do whatchoo wantttttt.

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