Would you like girls to wax their arms?

So that it's super smooth? & perhaps so it looks better?

I'm not talking about hairy girls in general, I'm just talking about any/all.

Think I'll try it out for the pure purpose of it feeling smooth :) which should make me happy. Would be nice if guys thought smooth arms were nice. Though I can see it might be a little shock considering they're just arms. I figure if people shave/wax their legs for smoothness, it's a little odd not to do the same to arms.
omgg can we not downvote everyone? I appreciate everyones opinion on this whether they hate this idea or not. Just drop a comment instead because there is no right or wrong answer and it's not like these people are going out of their way to say something horrible. I'm just curious about how people feel, it's not going to impact my decision much.


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  • Sure. I mean, I don't mind a little hair, feels smooth when it lays against your skin. But its up to u. lol


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  • No...idc..do as you please.o.O

    • Since it has no effect..then why does it matter if we answer?

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    • I listened to all of you but I'm acting upon your answers, I already knew what I was going to do, I just didn't mention it at the start till people made it seem like I was talking about myself, so that's when I made it personal.. if you get what I mean? Since they were saying "you" I thought I might as well let them know what I was planning to do.

    • I'm not acting upon your answers* lol

  • Well I guess waxing would be better then shaving because its probably gonna suck when it grows back in. I would rather you just leave the hair because it really isn't that big of a deal and something I'm even gonna really look at. Its just arm hair.

    • lol yeah, definitely not talking about shaving. Okies

  • yep! it will be super smooth ! yes you should do it .

  • That's just wrong

  • Yes. I don't know I just don't like girls with hairy arms.


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