Ex girlfriend told me short guys make her feel uncomfortable...

Short in height ;) Like especially when dancing she said, do you feel the same way? like if you're 5'6" and the guy is shorter than you or your height


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  • I wouldn't go that far as to say uncomfortable, but it's a bit awkward...it's just that it's more common that the guy is taller than the girl, you know?

    I think it's just more natural for girls to look up at a guy, and that's the way I've grown up with.

    A short guy isn't bad at all, it's just uncommon.

    I'm like 5'2 so I don't really have to worry about this..a girl that's 5'8 will probably already be used to stuff like this though haha.

    • well good point in the last part there

      even at at 5'6"+ heels it would be awkward though right

    • It really depends on the girl. Some girls are picky and their guys HAVE to be taller than them.

      I think it would be awkward, but I'd just get over it, it's not that big a deal that it would bother me the whole night...

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  • No.

    I'm only 5'2. So I rarely encounter guys shorter than me, anyway.

  • That's never happened to me. I'm 5'2" so everyone is taller than me...

  • Leave the 5 foot 6 ers and above be, they're the worst LOOOL. Jks, but seriously ALL my 5'6 and above friends are obsesed with tall guys, like 6 foot one and whatnot and hate being hit on by 'short' guys...I think they're so ridiculous, to me if a guy is hot, he's hot. I guess its because I'm only 4 foot 9 hence my screenname, but I, like my friends who are also in the same height range as me totally dig guys your height...and might I add there are a tonne of hot girls who are short, even in Hollywood, a lot of the hottest actresses i.e Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johannson, Hayden Pannettiere- are 5'3 and shorter, so I personally don't think your missing out tbh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • 4'9" is like almost midget status lol, yeah but would you feel uncomfortable around a guy like if was dancing with you and he was shorter

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