What are some things that make a model stand out?

note:I'm not a model,i just like knowing about the industry.

what do you think sets a model apart from the rest? what features? (examples in models please)


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  • Some models just have something different about them, a "je any sais quoi"

    An amazing runway walk: Karlie Kloss

    Legs for days: Gisele Bundchen

    Body: Naomi Campbell

    Super androgyny: Andrej Pejic (looks prettier than most girls)

    "waif"-like figure: Kate Moss

    Cheekbones: Daria Werbowy

    etc etc

    Things like personality are key, too. A model's personality can make them a muse for a great designer.


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  • models tend to have " it " something that makes them stand out from the rest and gives off the impression that they stand out from the crowd


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  • High cheekbones, large eyes, long neck, long legs, nice skin--those sorts of things are necessary. Attitude and subtly unique features are what set models apart from other models, though. Like a SLIGHTLY upturned nose or cute freckles, ect.