Guys: What's your preference? Girls with short hair or long hair?

What are your pros and cons for girls having short or long hair?

Why do you like their hair to be short or long, or does it not matter much to you? Most guys say they like long hair on girls, but there are also some that really don't mind a girl with short hair. When you answer be as detailed as you can! Help me out. :)

I have short hair, but I'm thinking of letting grow into beautiful long locks! ;)

Oh, and girls; Do you guys have short, or long hair? And what do you love about having that length of hair, currently. Thanks a whole bunch! ;P


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  • I like hair that is either at the shoulder blade or mid-back. Or somewhere in between.

  • I do like a bob, if the girl has the looks for it though. If you have an oval face it's usually best to get long hair. Something that is more round looks best with shorter hair.


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