Success with sunless gradual tanners like this?

I want to start a bit of color on my skin as it starts getting warmer and I start wearing dresses and shorts, so I bought Jergens Natural Glow body lotion. It's a gradual self tanner for those of you who don't know! It's worked well for my sister and some friends of mine, no orange, no streaks etc.

But it has a pretty bad smell to it...

Does anyone know how long it needs to be on the skin to start working? If I were to apply it before bed, let it dry, then go to sleep, wake up in the morning and shower, would it remove all the progress made from it? Or is 8ish hours enough?

Looking for advice from anyone who has had good success with sunless gradual tanners like this! Thanks in advance!


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  • You should shower and expholiate very well right before you put it on go to bed and then still not shower. The longer you let it soaking the more likely it won't get streaking or orange or wear off in my personal experience and it is what I've been told by a friend who runs a spray tanning business.