Question for everyone: what's your definition of a slob?

Some people are fashion victims,

some just want to wear clean clothes.

Some have holes in their socks, and some don't

Some people smell fresh, and some... well, don't smell good.

Everyone's different BUT

in your own view

what makes a person a "slob"

to the extent that it prevents you from dating them?

You can be as shallow or as easy-going as you like! hehe


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  • The way the guy smells is definitely important. He doesn't necessarily have to smell good, just not smell bad. That means showering regularly and washing/changing clothes. Smelling bad is the most horrible, immediate turn-off.

    Other than that I've personally never cared how a guy dresses as long as he isn't being intentionally lazy and dirty. Rips and tears in clothing are not good. Wearing dirty clothes is not good. I mean really, it's not that hard to wash your clothes every once in a while or get a shirt that doesn't have a bunch of holes in it. I used to know some guys who always dressed like that and then wondered why nobody took them seriously. The way you dress affects the way people treat you.

    It's a matter of caring how others see you, and despite what you may say about not caring what others think, it's important to put out a decently respectable image because it affects how far you get in life.

    Same deal applies to girls IMO. Shower, don't smell bad, don't be lazy.

  • Via Urban Dictionary:

    "A lazy person with no personal hygeine who lies around and does nothing all day, has no self dignity, and is very messy and disorganized."