Why are black people.....?

Ok I'm a teenager growing up in the mostly white part of Texas (btw I'm white too) and I wanted to know why most people don't think black people are attractive. My best friend always has this issue where the guys she likes (mostly white) don't like her back because she's black and I just don't understand. I think black people are ridiculously gorgeous and their skin tone is to die for (not just beyonce's but alek wek's too!). So basically I just wanted to get some feedback on what others think about this


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  • Most of their exposure to beauty is white women. Plus, they grew up in a mostly white part of Texas. That may be a reason why your friend likes mostly white guys. Then there is the possibility that she is the one that is unattractive instead of all black women being unattractive.

    Also, most white guys are under the assumption that black women aren't interested, so she may have be more flirty than what she's used to. Bw/wm relationships have been on the rise especially in the past decade, so there is something she can look forward to.


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  • Black women are gorgeous. The day God created the first one, He was just showing off.

  • You could get 100 men to answer this question and every one would answer differently. For me, I think it is the hair. It is the first thing I notice about a woman. I love a woman's hair, but I just don't care for a black woman's hair. If they straighten it, then I think that it does wonders for how attractive I find black women. Another thing is most of the black women I know have slightly more masculine facial features. Granted my sample size of black women, is very small, so maybe that is not really the case. A feminine looking black woman with straight hair is super hot to me. I just haven't seen many in real life.

    • although most of what you said is quite controversial it does give me a lot of insight into why most white men don't date black women that often...thank you :)

    • "straight hair" "I just haven't seen one in real life" x)

    • Not sure what you meant by that. Sometimes they do straighten their hair.

  • Obviously, this doesn't apply to all black women, but in my case black women that I find unattractive all have these qualities:

    HUGE LIPS (like gargantuan)

    Skin that is either super ashy or smells awful because of the lotion they have to put on their skin to avoid being ashy

    Flat and very wide nose that looks like someone punched them really hard and squished it in permanently

    Super loud and aggressive, making their conversation the only one you can hear because they are all yelling and laughing over each other

    Either have braided hair or fake hair that feels weird and is always greasy because they can't wash braids

  • It's not about the skin tone but the attitude people have. Sure you might find someone attractive on the outside but racism, ignorance, etc. on the inside is very unattractive.


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  • Good question, it's not just in Texas either I live in a rural town of NH and was a lot like your friend one of 3 minorities in the entire high school. thanks for asking this :)

  • honestly, some people may generally find us not attractive. and some just don't like black ppl. its a mix of both, differing from person to person. its funny because growing up in mostly white areas I've had quite a few nonblack people tell me "oh your a really pretty black girl" or "your prettier than __". its ironic because I look like the race that I am. so if you think I'm a pretty black girl then you must think black girls are pretty in general. however, when your dealing with people who already have formed opinions about you and your kind..u get this sort of thing not surprised