Dark circles under eyes: easy home remedies for you?

I want to learn. And I 'm hoping that I can get more tips and advice.


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  • Putting raw potato on your eyes can help decrease puffiness and dark circles. It makes a bit of a difference for me. It's not magic though- dark circles are partially genetic.


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  • A lot of times, dark circles are because you're not getting enough vitamin k or not enough antioxidants. If you're anemic, this can also be a big issue too. Eat lots of fruits, veggies (especially green leafy ones). I highly suggest you look into taking a multivitamin daily. Cool tea bags on your eyes for about 15 min in the morning while you lie down can help with the color. Also a frozen spoon can help, place it on your eye for 15 mins.

    You should really try to figure out what is causing your dark circles. Go see a doctor if possible. Reduce your stress, eat well, and get a good nights sleep. It could be hereditary but a lot of times black circles occur from health reasons.

  • sleep. unfortunately it's often genetic. I have them, have my whole life, and always will. they are less pronounced when I sleep a lot. but I always make sure to use a good concealer and corrector.

    bobbi brown corrector works MIRACLES. I swear, it really erases out the darkness. then I put a good concealer over it and set with a powder. helps a lot.

    if you always have them, you can't really get rid of them unfortunately.

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