Guys: what's more important just on physical looks...body or face?... and why?

If someone has a good body, but a ugly face?

If someone has a okay body, but a pretty face?


What would be a deal breaker for you?

And what is more important in your eyes?

Were just talking about physical looks right now, no personality involved.


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  • A popular answer is 'pretty face okay body' because she can work out.

    I notice you said 'ugly' versus 'okay' face, yet 'okay' body.

    I might go 'okay body pretty face' over 'good body ugly face'. But I'd take good body ugly face over good face ugly body.

    I have more a minimum standard for body. Once that's met, there's more advantage to improvements in face. Like a 10 face on an 8 body is amazing. But a 3 face on an 8 body is still hot, while a 3 body with an 8 face, I don't think I'd have any interest in.

    • I like the examples you gave on a rating scale...makes sense. Could you post pics of what a they are to you? Like what a perfect 10 face looks like vs a 3 face? That would be helpful : )

    • What if the girl has a 3 face with a 4 body? That's still not okay, huh? :/

    • Ninja, based on your scale, your a 3 face/4 body is smokingly hot.

      swiftsaver - I don't know, I don't honestly walk around thinking 'numbers'. I was trying to just generally say 'below average' 'above average' 'stunning'. A stunning face with above average body is better then the reverse, but an above average face, below average body is worse then the reverse - to me.

      If I develop feelings for someone, I'll almost certainly love their smile and eyes. But body? I need to feel SOME lust

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  • well good body and an ugly face won't work for me

    having an attractive body shows you have a pretty cool lifestyle so even if personality is not involved you can assume certain things about her

    but if the body is okay and the girl has a pretty face, I would much rather take that.

    if she didn't have a good body but a pretty face ill go with the first option

  • I prefer a beautiful face over a beautiful body, definitely. Always felt that way.

    Quite honest, the body only becomes an issue in bed in which case I could easily choose to look her in the face and/or kiss, ignoring the body.

    You could also ignore the face and concentrate on a stunning body, but that is only during sex. You still have to do all the other things in life looking at that face.

  • Pretty face with okay body. The body can be changed, the face can not.

  • Both are equally important, but in comparison it's way easier to get a good body - proper diet and nutrition, working out, etc.

    ...while to get a good face if you don't have it you must lay under the knife and there's no other way.

  • Face that's what you think of when you think of someone. You don't call to mind someones body when you hear her name you see people by there face. You look at her face all day. Her body just sometimes

  • For me its 60% face & 40 % body

  • Face is more important to me, because body is malleable. Face is not.

    • Have you ever heard about the thing called "make-up"?

    • Make up sucks balls.

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