What does exotic look like to you?

i always get people saying that I look exotic. (I'm of Arabic descent) ..I'm in the US By the way. I don't think I look all that exotic actually.

to me Asians (far east Asians) are exotic and even some white people, especially gingers (there aren't many where I'm originally from lol)

I guess it depends where your from and what the majority look like. White people would look exotic to people in subsaharan Africa and so on...


what does exotic look like to you?


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  • Exotic is whatever you aren't used to...


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  • I think Freida Pinto is exotic looking...and usually girls from Brazil.

    White and black girls don't look exotic to me because I see them so frequently.


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  • you have a unique, non American look (im American). it means different things, ican't explain but I know when I see it. mila kunis is kind of exotic to me.

    i'm caucasian but she just has an exotic-unique and non American look.

    a lot of times I think exotic is beautiful in an artsy, girl pretty way.