What is considered short for a guy?

a guy?

my boyfriend is 25 and he's 5"6

I'm 18 and I'm either 5"4.5 or 5"5 (one of those)

Is he going to get any taller?

Is that short for a guy?

Am I tall for a girl?

Would we look weird standing together?

btw he's Asian


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  • for an Asian pretty standard height I think , western countries average heights go from 5 7 to 6 2

    he's not going to get taller

    you seem pretty averge with that height

    you wouldn't look werid standing together

    enjoy your relationship ;p


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  • That is short for a Western man. And obviously, at 25 he's not likely to grow any taller.

  • The bigger question is does it matter? If you're happy together who cares? Generally the guy is supposed to be taller but even in your case he is, just don't wear 6 inch heels and no one will notice/ care. If you're happy together they'll be thinking about how good you are for each other not about your respective heights.


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