What do you wear to go golfing?

I'm going golfing today and I don't know what to wear.. My brother says there's a dress code... We're on vacation and since I didn't know I was going golfing I didn't pack much I could wear... Would a sundress be okay?

I don't have a collared shirt...


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  • as FaceInTheCrowd said: Knee length skirt or shorts and a collared shirt are requirements.

    • yes but what if I don't have a collared shirt

    • pretty sure that if you don't have one you simply can't go.

    • Unfortunately there is no "what if" here. The dress codes at those places are usually very strict. You either dress accordingly or don't come. It's not about what looks "nice." It's about adhering to the dress code and that's that.

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  • A sundress will just fine. Just remember it's customary when you get to the 9th hole, to poop on the green.

  • Knee lenght bermudas or skirts. Collar is almost always required.

    I usually dress for a temerature 2'C hotter than it actually is... due to the exercising.

    • what if I don't have a collar shirt?

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