What should I wear to the movies tonight?! There will be cute guys in our group so I want to look cute...

I have about an hour before a group of friends/some acquaintances and I go out to see The Avengers! I still don't have anything picked out :/ it's hot out there now, but I think it's supposed to get chilly later. We're going to the movies and then out to get some food. Should I just do something cute and simple or more sexy and flirty? We all might go clubbing later on too depending on how things go at the movies, so should I make the outfit a bit more sexy for the club or what?


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  • Females! If you are cute..then you are cute...but what do you define as "cute"? If you want physical attention then show skin...but frankly...to get attention you can forget the hot clothes & the makeup and all that sh*t...YOU look animated...if YOU smile a lot..if YOU lookd like you are having a good time..then you will be irresistable...without makeup and no matter what you wear...females are so weird about this...but YOU make your presence known in the room..not your clothes...o.O

    • :) I agree. plus 1! but in actual reality, clothes can help enhance your presence

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    • Well I guess you AWESOME!

    • lol

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  • Don't you already have a boyfriend?

  • Maybe something like one of these: link link link

    • What do you think?

    • Thanks for the ideas :) I didn't have time to really reply to any of these answers yesterday because I had to go get ready. I really love the first one and the second one.

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  • Well assuming it's warm out a tshirt with a bright skirt and not too much makeup.

    Guys like smiley people, so just smile and laugh a lot too.

    • thanks! I took your advice and ended up just wearing my bright, rainbow galaxy skirt link and then took bigbootybri's advice and wore a sweater link with my neon green sneakers <3 thanks, ladies :)

    • im glad :) and that skirt is adorable!

    • thanks! It's the most expensive skirt I own and will ever buy lol

  • Wear something cute and flirty. Sexy might send the wrong message. Plus it is a casual meeting. Like shorts and a sweater. Or tank and a maxi skirt.

    • good ideas, thanks :)

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