What's up with my crush's friends?

i like this guy, and when I walk by I see them laughing and he smiles at me and turns red, and then today in class, I asked my crush what size shoes he wears because I really like them and was hoping to steal them haha... he told me, but when I asked his friend a few seats away goes, hey, why did you ask him for his shoe size? so I told him, and he goes sure, and then winks at my crush, and my crush just smiles.

ARE THEY MAKING FUN OF ME BECAUSE I LIKE HIM? should I just stop acting like I like him so they will stop?

p.s. his friends made fun of me in junior high and called me tree and threw things at me. I don't actually blame them though...i would have made fun of me too, I was definitely a dork. but now I don't see any reason for them to laugh at me!
i meant to say that when I asked my crush about the shoes, that his friend asked me a question, not that I asked his friend about his shoes haha.


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  • Nah, if you like him, he obviously likes you. All you need to do is talk to him 1 on 1 with none of his friends around and let him know how you feel.

    Trust me he's probably acting silly because his friends are there, catch him alone and he might turn out to be a Casanova ;) lol

    Just take it easy hon, things will work out!

    • Wait, he likes me? so they aren't making fun of me? thank you!

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    • Okay let me thing... if I was 16 years old how would I do this...

      ooooo I would just casually walk up to him and say "Hey, can I talk to you for a sec over there?" (point at some location away from the crowds of people and friends)

      And just ask! be yourself, and let him know that you like him. Your heart is gonna race but in the end its all good ;)

    • Thanks!

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  • he def likes u, and I dun think you gatta worry about him not liking you back.

    u looks very cute =)


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  • They may be making fun of you, but not in a bad way I'm sure! If you didn't catch it, when they were asking why you asked that it was because of the whole "you know what they say about a man with big feet" thing. They are just messing around with you. Either they know you like him and they are just messing around or they are flirting with you also. Don't worry about it though!

    • Wait, what do they say about men with big feet?

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    • Thank you! I've been thinking about giving him my number but I can't really think of the right situation......any ideas?

    • Just talk to him for a little while and just give it to him. Sometimes its okay to just be straight forward. Say you'd like to talk to him outside of class sometime. Or even say you'd like to talk to him sometime when his friends can't hear and make fun of you.

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