Attractive hairstyles on a guy?

So I had a haircut this past month and now my hair is short again with messy spikes:-),and now I need tips on what more short hairstyles can look hot on a guy?Few hairstyling tips would be appreciated too, thanks:-D


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  • I like the short-but-not-too-short-still-long-enough-to-run-my-fingers-through-messy look lol.

    Like this: link

    Or this: link

  • Well from what you said, it seems like your hair might be too short for styling? But Idk. But if it is long enough to style, use some sort of wax/product to style it in the right directions, but don't be one of those people who use that shiny gell and make's their hair look oily :/ Less is more ! Don't go overboard with whatever you do, just simple is good, I mean, do you have to make such an effort on hair? Unless your girl which is different =P Hope that helped :)

    • I am not a girl-.- xD and yeh that's why I asked for tips they are short now like shorter hair verse of tyler durden:-D

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