Girls: if it's business formal at year workplace, do you notice guys' neck ties?

Again, I am referring to an environment where guys wear suits and ties all over the place. Also, do you look at the ties as an object alone or do you look at how it is going with the rest of the attire? Do you care about how well it is worn (i.e. the knot)?


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  • Yes, I'd notice.

    For me, when a guys wearing a suit, it's one of the most important components if he's wearing one. The suit can be immaculate, perfectly tailored and pressed, nice material etc - but if it's paired with a bad tie, or a tie which doesn't match, or one which has too big of a knot or too small of one, or a crooked one, or whatever - it can really ruin the overall appearance.

    I mean, the devils in the detail; why go to all the effort to make yourself look good with a nice suit and shirt and shoes etc - and ruin it with a bad job with the tie? It just look unprofessional and scruffy.

    • Your reply is awesome. Only someone from "your country" would be so observant about all this. Since I come from that influence, it got fed in my system. Thank you for the reply.

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  • I don't notice the knot, I do def notice how it looks all together. There's something really attractive about a nice tie-shirt-suit color combo.

    • I think that is a new effect of promoting business casual (which I personally dislike). People don't even know how to tie the knot properly.

  • I will first look at the attire and then the tie, lastly the knot.

    A guy can wear the perfect suit, but all will be ruined by a tie that doesn't match in color, design, etc. Also, a crooked tie and/or the size of the knot which is too big or too small will affect the overall apperance.

    Also, it also does matter (to me, at least) if the belt and shoes worn by the guy are of different colors. Somehow, these 2 items are quite commonly missed out. One project manager in my team has this habit of wearing brown belt with black shoes (with shirt & pants) till I told him about it. It just doesn't look right.

    • Oh My God ! Are you a mind reader or what? That was going to be my next question but I ran out my 2 question limit. I don't understang mismatched shoes and belt either. Wow!

    • Haha! It's similar to wearing white socks with black shoes. Maybe I'm more particular due to my profession, esp if the guy is going for a job interview, or holding a managerial position & above. But I believe that guys should understand the aspects of these even if the he's just a regular office worker in shirt & pants. I was impressed by my engineer that he wore matching brown shoes & belt with a white long-sleeved shirt and a nice pear of jeans. It spells out your character frm your dress style.

    • You should see in America how people don't know the meaning of business casual and they wear whatever suits their fancy. It look highly unprofessional. I hate it.

  • Of course.

    Suits are quite simple, doesn't have much difference. So that make it more obvious : whether the tailoring fit you very well, what material it is, do the the tie, belt and shirt match with your suit... Office time is too boring. Its fun to notice the details.

    • Woeeee! Good to think that there coulld be people around us at work who are like you. Ok, now let me go check in a mirror if everything's ok.

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    • Hahahahhahaha

      I would like to witness this:P

    • Hehe... You wish ! :)

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  • A little while back I went to a gala. It was astonishing to see how few guys could tie a decent knot. I go with a double windsor knot and make sure it looks symmetrical.

    • I do the double windsor depending on the tie. Some ties are so stiff, they cannot be tied double. Yes, symmetry is important; plus, it should not hang lose when the ollar is buttoned. It looks bad. If you are chilled a little and you hv year collar unbuttoned, then its different.