How much effort do women put to look good?

What does your routine look like? ie: Exfoliate, teeth whitening, etc...How often do you exercise? How many hours do you think you spend on your appearance? What do you do to get ready in the morning? What about before bedtime? How long does it take you to get ready?

I wanna put in as much effort as you guys to look good, might give me an edge.


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  • I exercise for 2 hours a day, as well as work 6-8 hours a day where I'm constantly on my feet.

    I'm a vegetarian and healthy eater which is all a part of looking good and you have to be disciplined.

    I scrub and wash my face, then apply face cream twice a day which takes 15 minutes each time.

    I shower everyday for half a hour to up for an hour.

    Wash, blow dry and style hair, takes twenty minutes, everyday.

    Getting dressed can any time between 5 minutes to an hour, depending on the occasion.

    I use day cream and under eye lightener which takes 15 minutes everyday.

    Make up routine varying but for everyday occasion, I use liquid foundation followed by mousse foundation then powder. Mascara, under eye highlighter, blush and basic lipstick this takes 15 minutes to do everyday.

    Teeth Whitening, for one hour, twice a week.

    Formal make up for occasions and work events can take up to an hour and a half, twice a week.

    Dye my hair, takes an hour, once a month.

    Pluck my eyebrows for 15 minutes, once a week.

    Exfoliate entire body, can last up to an hour, once a week.

    Full body moisturise, an hour, once a week.

    Paint nails/manicure for forty minutes, once a week.

    Pedicure for an hour and a half, once a week.

    Clean my piercings, once a day which takes 15 minutes.

    Tattoo touch up, for three hours, once every three months.

    Shave legs, for half an hour, almost everyday.

    Wax, half an hour, once every two weeks.

    On really big events such as dates or nights out, I have been known to spend up to 3 hours in the bath and 2 hours on make-up. I'm high maintenance but only because I have to be.

    Looking good takes time and as it's a big part of my job I have to commit to a routine even if sometimes I wouldn't mind having a day off every now and again! That's why I love duvet days haha.


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  • Honestly I wake up in the morning, wash my face, put my hair in a ponytail, put clothes on, eat breakfast and am out the door in 15 minutes. I know most girls aren't like that, but I really don't see the point of caking crap on my face and wearing uncomfortable clothes to "look good."

    During the day (after work usually) I'll do an Intensity workout keeps me fit.

    Before bed I wash my face again and take a shower.

    I'm pretty simple lol

  • I used to put in way more effort than I do now. I stopped caring for a variety of reasons, but now it's just take a 15-20 minute shower just doing the basic stuff, get dressed, maybe blowdry my hair a little so it's not soaking wet...that's it. And then at night just wash my face and brush my teeth.

    I used to (not so long ago!) take a 20-30 minute shower every morning, do my hair (which really just involved blow drying it), do my makeup (which took maybe 10 minutes), did all these beauty tricks and moisturized a ton and shaved way more than I do now and exfoliated and sh*t, and it took a good 30 minutes longer in the morning...and I still really only brushed my face and washed my teeth at night, but I did all this various other stuff to make myself look better too...

  • I wash my face twice a day and shave every day in the shower. My morning routine is like:

    brush teeth, curl hair (10min), do makeup (10min). I whiten my teeth sometimes when they look less white from drinking lots and lots of tea. I like to paint my nails sometimes too :D

  • I brush my teeth, exofliate in the shower with a loofa, wash my face twice a day, and apply concealer/mascara. Work out every day for about an hour at least. Hair is naturally straight so I just wash it. I'm a bum around the house when I'm home though, so I never answer the door cause literally my hairs as messy as can be and I'm wearing oversized tshirts with chocolate stains on them and PJs all day long

  • Face: wash at least 2x more of I exercised, put stuff on any apparent zits, moisturizer with SPF 15. Every other week exfoliate and pore strips on my nose. Teeth: brush and floss 2x a day with weekly whitening. Eyebrows: weekly tweezing. Hair: wash every day, condition very day, deep condition every other day, trim every 4 weeks. Highlights every six. Nails: biweekly mani pedi and touch ups as necessary to polish. Skin: daily exfoliation, sun exposure (with SPF 15 on), daily moisturizing (every other day with deep body butter all over), shaving every other day legs, underarms, bikini.

    Exercise: an hour of cardio every day, hour or more of yoga every day and either an hour or more of mma training or a session with my PT. Sleep: exactly 8.5 hours per night. Food: no candy cookies or any such junk (exceptions: froyo and goldfish crackers).

    Mentally: I keep myself busy and always make sure I am doing something I enjoy and learning something new each day.

  • Exercise: 6-5 times a week I do a 40 min - one hr work out and occasionally I go for a jog.

    Before bed: I choose my outfit for the next day (it takes up to 30 min) then I tie hair back,take off make-up, rinse face with water, brush teeth and put on lip balm.

    Mornings: Take me 30 mins- one hr (depending on if I wash my hair) but my usually routine is: 10-15 min shower where I wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner, shave under arms, wash body with normal soap, I was my face twice with a scrub and then with a cleanser, once out of the shower I wipe my face with a toner, rinse with water, put on face cream, fill in my eyebrows to make them even, put on concealer (under eyes and over a pimple or a skin discoloration), put on a bit of skin tone eye shadow, put on roll on and spray deo, get dressed, brush hair, put on mascara and eye-liner, brush teeth, dry/ style hair ( I usually wear it up), put on lipstick/ gloss and put on perfume.

    I do my nails about once a week, I trim, file and push the cuticles down.

    I shave my legs about twice a month unless I am wearing dresses.

    I neaten my eyebrows every week.

    I usually only wear my clothes once before I wash them (except for jeans,coats and if I'm out of clothes).

    I don't get things done professionally very often like I have about 2-3 haircuts a year, hardly ever get my nails done, no waxing or getting my brows done.

    I used to be really normal but now I am high maintenance, I can easily go without all that but since I have the option to be more pampered why not? :P

  • To me, at least 2 hours, not including the beauty bath.

  • I'm not really a high maintenance person because I don't have the time, money, or will to spend on being high maintenance so I don't do a lot.

    My typical day would be brushing my teeth, washing my face and putting some moisturizer on if my skin feels dry, putting my hair up or arranging it into some kind of agreeable style (I don't use any hair products in my hair unless it's frizzy because then I have to wash my hair every day). This all usually takes about 10 minutes. Then I am ready to just walk out the door to wherever I am going which is usually a casual atmosphere like college, hanging out with friends, or some kind of errand.

    Throughout the day I might change my hairstyle or something but I don't really do anything else. Then at night I take a shower without washing my hair because I only do that every other day, if I do wash my hair then I just let it air dry, I brush my teeth and floss, tweeze my eyebrows, wash my face and put my acne medication on, moisturize my body and go to sleep. This all takes me about 30 minutes.

    Some other things that I do once in a while is shave my legs, pits, and bikini area whenever it needs shaving, lighten my arm hair to make it less noticeable because I don't want to constantly shave, wax my upper lip, exfoliate once a week, and workout every other day.

    If it's a special occasion then I usually either curl or straighten my hair, do my makeup, shave everything, and whiten my teeth.

    This is pretty much all I do and I don't think I would be changing it anytime soon because I don't like the work that comes with being high maintenance.

  • i work out usually 4 times a week between 30-60 mins

    hair..sometimes I iron it, sometimes I don't. I'm getting a smoothing treatment on it.

    nails done every 2-3 weeks

    eyebrows every 2-3 weeks

    sometimes get my toenails done sometimes do them myself

    face wash and moisturizer every morning

    don't dye my hair or tan or anything like that

    makeup...concealer, fill in eyebrows a bit, eyeliner, mascara, tad of blush, sometimes a tad of lipgloss. nothing too heavy.

    pretty much it.

  • generally, I'm pretty low maintenance, but that's mostly because I don't feel the need to constantly look good.

    In the morning I spend 30 minutes in the shower, 10 minutes with a hydrating mask, I slap on sunscreen and mascara and leave. but I do straighten my hair often, which could take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours sometimes :/ and then I add an extra 15 minutes a morning to fixing it after the shower (I don't need to wash my hair every day, especially not when straight).

    if I have to shave my legs that takes like 20 minutes (I have sensitive skin...). and I wax about twice a month, that takes about 2 hours if I want to do it well and with minimal pain lol

    i do a full body exfoliation maybe once a week, twice at most (coconut oil, brown sugar, olive oil, mint and honey) which takes 20 minutes plus a shower.

    i work out maybe 8-10 hours a week, which really isn't much. I do it like every other day.

    and when I do wear make up that takes 10-20 minutes.

    before bed I just wash my face brush my teeth and go to bed.

    so my "beauty" schedule is really sporadic :p

    If its a normal day I spend maybe an hour if you include the shower.

    • Do you make the scrub yourself?

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    • Cool! Can you give me the recipe? Because it sounds like it's pretty awesome and I usually just make one out of brown sugar and olive oil so this will spice it up. :)

    • I use one cup of brown sugar, about a 2/3 a cup of honey, 1-2 table spoons of olive oil (but I usually add more if it comes out too thick), 2 table spoons of coconut oil (virgin), and a handful of mint leaves :)

      If its too thick I normally just gradually add more honey or more olive oil! if its summer time, I add more coconut oil (because its not solid)

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