How to become photogenic?

I know not everyone is meant to be camera friendly(I'm certainly not) but I'd like to appear my true self on camera. I normally don't wear makeup, but lately I've been wearing Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation, Maybelline FitMe Powder Foundation, Maybelline Great Lash(1 coat) + Maybelline Falsies in Black Drama(1 coat) and I use this eye palette from Kohls by Flirt!

I contour a little and that helps, but only so much lol :(

I'm not ugly, but I'm not beautiful. Just average(at best, but those on my friends list, spare me the criticism and trolling lol)

How does one become more photogenic or photo friendly? Gracias


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  • It's not the appearance that makes you photogenic, it's about the expression, work on having a nice 'camera smile'. I worked as a Photographer's assistant for 3 years and I know this to be true, some people that came through the studio doors would look like feet but once they are being photographed, looking natural and smiling it's all about the confidence and not looking uncomfortable in front of the camera. If you have a webcam, set it up and practice on there, different expressions and find what works best for you, take various pictures and go over them deciding which does you the best justice. Focus on angles also, if you have a long nose, don't take images from the side, if you're packing a few extra pounds don't shoot the picture from below. Pictures are about appreciating natural beauty as well as your features however it's not a sin to try and look more attractive with a few standard camera angles. As long as you can have a nice expression on your face and have your eyes open and even then you'll be just find, trust me from experience and whatever you do don't try and Photoshop yourself, that always ends in disaster.


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  • Do what the pros do: Have a $5000 hair & make-up job, professional lighting (this simply CAN'T be stressed enough), and then Photoshop the heck out of the pics. You don't think all the girls in magazines REALLY look like that, do you?

    Anyway, the basics are foundation to smooth out your skin color, LOTS of light from multiple angles to reduce shadows and create highlights, a good pose (the photographer should guide you). Posture and facial expression matter. And if you want good photos, you'll take 20-100 bad ones for every good one you get.

    • No...but I know girls in real life who are photogenic

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    • Here's a secret: the "nude look" you see in pics is achieved with makeup. I'm FAR from a make-up expert, but I've seen it done enough professionally that I know a little.

    • yeah, but the nude look is good on me in real life.

      Swear, in my next life I'm gonna look like Megan Fox. Either that or I'm gonna get cosmetic surgery. I have to figure out what I need done first

      Life sucks


  • Why you vile, decietful trollup! How dare you wear falsies! And only black women are photogenic. If you're not a black woman then you'll just have to hire people to draw unrealistic yet flattering pictures of you. If you are a black woman, you could be photographed floating in a septic tank covered in boils and you'll still look like a million bucks. ; - )


    I don't think its something you can really change so easy, some people naturally are while others aren't. Sorry not much help but I don't think there is much you could do


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  • I hear you just have to learn what angles work best for your face. I'm not very photogenic either because of how my face is proportioned; the camera makes my jaw, nose, lips look way bigger and the pictures aren't very flattering. I get lucky every now and then with a good shot, but meh lol.

    But yea, play with your facial angles in the mirror and figure out which one's seem more flattering.

    • Do you use a specific camera when you take photos? Or do you just hope they come out good?

    • You'll notice that portrait work is done with the camera at a fair distance away from the subject, using longer lenses which flatten the features. When using something like a camera phone or point & shoot, which tend to have much wider-angle lenses, you get a bit of a fish-eye effect that will make your facial features exaggerated. All cameras (and lenses) are NOT equal.

    • No I don't have a good camera now - just ma phone and mac computer web cam. It helps a ton to get a good quality camera, and have someone else take a picture of you - and what MrOracle said as well. I'm investing in a HD camera now

  • you can't become photogenic over night but you can take one or two modeling classes. Oh and don't make stupid faces.

  • Hmm, smile with your eyes and a genuine smile.