How to deal with my body type.

My measurements are 35,26,36, so I'm a pear I guess? So it seems like all my weight goes to my legs, and I hate it. I work out, so they're pretty muscular, but they're just thick and I don't like it at all. Is there any way to help avoid it? I'm not overweight by any means.

mine are more like that, except maybe a little less.


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  • What's your current workout?

    You can't change where the weight goes although outside factors such as dramatic weight gain/weight loss, pregnancy and childbirth and surgery can alter where weight goes, but there's no way of changing it just because.

    Most you'll have to do is learn what type of exercise routine works best for your body. You aren't too dramatic of a pear actually, so your perception of it going all to the lower half might be just in your head.

    Lunges, squats, wall sits and hip raises/lifts are absolutely wonderful for the legs, thighs and butts regardless of body shape. They'll keep you toned.

    You should do about 30-60 minutes of cardio a day. You could try running, cycling, jump roping, high intensity interval training, tennis or swimming to keep your body and legs in shape.

    Also, to "balance" out the top half(cause looking proportional is about the most you can do), make sure to work the upper body with weights. You won't become muscular or manly looking cause you're a girl.


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  • Why would you want to change that? The hourglass shape is the perfect look for a girl. Thick legs while not being overweight are the sexiest things ever.

    • Because thick legs don't look good in skirts and dresses and stuff.

    • Yes they do! They definitely look better than skinny legs...

  • Your legs are a gift, not a curse. No routine will change your body type so embrace your gifts and don't supress them.


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  • What exactly do you do when working out? Also, a lot of girls mistake fat on their legs and think its muscle. Do your legs look toned and defined like this? link

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    • Yea I'm skeptical your legs actually do look like this. Getting legs like that takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Its not something that you just get over a short period of time. I don't see anyone putting in the time to get legs like that then at the end wonder why and how to get rid of them.

      But like I said, if your legs really look like this and you don't want them to then stop exercising them.

    • At update: that is mostly fat... Do cardio if you want them to thin out.

  • try doing specific yoga workouts for leg. it will help.