Fake tanning in Mexico?

i can't tan at all. I mean at all. I also don't want to damage my skin in the sun. me and my boyfriend are going to Mexico and the last thing I wanna be is the pale girl on the beach. so I'm going to use a self tanner the whole time. I am a pro at self tanning. you would never guess. would he find it weird that I am using self tanner? or is that like an understandable thing?


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  • he might think you like being pale. have you ever used it before? he'd probably do a double take if you came around looking sunkissed out of no where haha.

    • i always use it! you would never guess that I'm actually pale haha. I always get compliments on my fake skin tone haha

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    • i really really doubt it's something that's gonna be on his mind while you're out enjoying mexico together :P as long as you keep using it the way you normally do and he doesn't wake up to you one morning looking like snookie I think he won't even think about it haha.

    • haha thanks your great

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