A girl can recognize a good bod without all those fit Ts!?:-D

alright :D so I was reading a article in a magazine and it said somewhere in between that "A girl can recognize a good body without those waist cut and tight or "Fit" t shirts" and unfortunately I have brought all of em-.-Sooo is it true?xD:-D just asking


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  • Your a tool. Is that all you care about, your "bod"? Yeah bro, check it! Lameeeee.

    • I was just asking you dumbass:-D and yeh pretty tough coming outta hidden face?:-D

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    • You can call an insecure girl fat, or a fat girl fat, and I'm neither. So it doesn't bother me. And I don't know you. Why would I care what you think about someone you've never seen or talked to before?

    • Wait what!? I asked a queston there mate simple if you gotta argue over it Howcome just not answer it?o_O Common sense duh

  • well in terms of size, yeah, in terms of how much muscle under there, can't really tell.


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