Why won't guys ever repeat something that they mumbled?!

I was telling this guy I like about how I was pissed At my coworkers and said "they can just go suck on my t/t and the other can suck on my @s$! I said it jokingly out of frustration! He teased me suggesting that I was sexually frustrated and I (bashfully) said no! Then he mumbled "I'd rather suck on your booby" when I said "WHAt?!" surprised but not grossed out, he refused to repeat! You see, he's forever doing that! I don't know if he likes me because ge doesn't have a problem looking at other girls or even hugging or touching them. He can barely look at me for even a second. And he's very careful not to touch me. W t f?!

Also, right in from of me he'll tell girls that they should go hang out yet never me. It hurts to hear. If he had no prob and didn't like me, then why not look at me in the eyes when we talk?
Oh and I've shown up there with friends and they all say the Same thing, he looks at me and glances at me, especially when I'm not looking. I've even caught him looking at me especially when a guy talks to me. So it's odd thathe gets awkward around me yet will watch me from afar! Ugh!


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  • He might be trying to drop hints that he likes you, but is worried about how you react to them. When you said "WHAT?!" maybe he thought he crossed some sort of line or something. Or maybe he was just having fun, and was worried he crossed some line with his joke.

    He can barely look at you for a second? He may really like you and that is way he is pretty shy when it comes to you. I could always talk with girls I didn't like a lot easier than the ones that I did like. I would think that he does like you. I can't think of any other reason why he would go out of his way to avoid looking at you for more than a second.

    Have you tried comparing how he looks at you most of the time, with how he looks at you in a swimsuit or something? That should be pretty telling as to how attracted he is to you.

    • Swimsuit? I actually only see him at a bar. He rarely looks at me. Just for a second, that's it. I've also noticed him check out other girls walking by though. But that doesn't usually bother me. Then again, like I said , he can look at anyone else.

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    • Yes, but I wasn't sure if your friends were visiting you at work or not. If you are just both customers then it is easier, because you won't have to see him at work after. You could even have one of your friends invite him to hang out with your whole group for you. Like maybe invite him to the lake/beach or whatever it is you do in your area. Once you are in a different setting you should be able to get a better read on him.

    • I tried that a long long long time ago. You see you were right in the beginning. He's VERY shy. For some reason he has no problem talking with her friends but he will be SILENT, look down, keep to his phone and sit near my friends and I and occasionally glance. IF I introduce them, he's very quiet, There's no way in hell he'd go to somethng with me AND people. It's so WEIRD. Does that make me less interesting than the girl who he DOES hang out with? Why am I so different from everyone else?

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  • I know guys like that. It drives me crazy too. I think it's not wanting you to hear it or maybe make you guess what he's saying. There's this guy I know but I don't think he likes me but he does that all the time I don't know why he does it.

    • It's so frustrating! I'm more reserved so maybe that's why the guy is more hesitant with me. This other girl flirts with him in a very dirty way and hell flat out say stuff back. I just don't know.