What style of clothing do you prefer on women?

i've noticed that my style is a little different from my friends. one friend wears dresses and skirts and girlie clothes (and really baggy clothes, the other 2 are a little scruffy and wear really bright colors at the same time and the other is casual with one thing that stands out for example a necklace or high heels.

me on the other hand, I love ripped or skinny jeans, a fitted hoodie or zip-up, boots usually, scarves, rocker gloves and maybe a nice necklace. oh and I love off-shoulder tops.

don't get me wrong I'm not a tomboy. I wear natural looking make-up, perfume and I try to look my best where-ever I go. an I don't wear black all the time. I sometimes wear red, blues...

so if you had to choose which style do you think you'd find more attractive?

well OK it's not that important but all I really wanted to know was if my style was fine and can still be attractive or is it something tomboyish?


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  • I don't judge people on their clothes. I just like girls to be fit and slim; then really, almost anything they wear looks good.

  • Can't really go on just style :P I really have no preference honestly lol


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