Girls, what are the sexiest AND most classy knee-high high-heeled boots you know?

I'm trying to find a pair of black knee-high and high-heeled boots that aren't too warm. What are your favorites of this kind? Please show me pics of them if you have some! :)


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  • wedges, leather, what what ? more details then I can help you..

    • Haha, ok...

      No wedges, normal high heels. Not too pointy, not too clunky either. Knee-high, ending just under the knee. Not too much knick-knack on it. Buckles and laces are OK, but again...not too much of it. The most important thing is the overall form of the should accentuate the natural form of ma calves and feet.

      Does that help you? lol

    • hmm okay .. DONT GO WITH THE FUR XD lol ... but umm I saw you are from germany I'm living here also I go to zalando... there you can pick any type of shoe you want I just checked they have black boots...;)

    • Yeah they have quite a few decent ones. But one that REALLY is what I'm looking for... : /

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  • anything with fur at the top is awesome

    • It can look nice, yeah. But like I said, I'm looking for some that aren't too warm.

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    • good, I think the ladies who weigh in will be of more help, I was just trying to give you some ideas, go with the fur, even better if it's from a real animal

    • Why would I go for the fur if I want boots that aren't too warm?

      And by the way your last comment just made you sound like a cruel person.

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  • First, I did research on what would be the best boot height, heel height and shape for my height and body shape. Then I went to many stores and tried hundreds of boots on. Then I bought 4-5 pairs, brought them home to try on and show to my friends and family. :) Sounds complicated. But usually once I figure out what styles look good on me or don't look good then it becomes much easier to choose.

    I uploaded a pic. You can see it in my profile :)