Your take on hand/feet size

I am a 5'10 white guy.

My shoe size is 8 and my hands are 7 inches in length and 6. 5inches around the wrist. I have noticed a lot of girls have hands bigger than mine and my friends (who aren't anymore) said that my genitailia must be so small and their sisters is probably bigger.

Question is do girls care about hand size and is the myth true about size of hands and feet


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  • Use them to your advantage. If a girl comments on them, use it to break the touch barrier and tell her to compare hands with you. Then you can close your fingers on her hand and if she does the same, you're in. If not just let go right away and act like it wasn't anything. (obviously this will work better if you have been talking to her for a bit and she is feeling attracted to you)

    As far as the myth, my hands are about the same size as most girls and genitailia size is not a problem for me. And I'm sure the myth might kind of be in the back of their heads but most girls won't really care. It's all about the emotions you can make them feel.

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