How can I get a date if I'm ugly and have an average personality?



I never get approached.. like we were at a club and was with 3 of my gf's all of which I didn't think look like super hott or anything their pretty. But this one guy was around us and he asked all of them to dance one by one except me (he was a different race be it.. I'm Indian and he's white.. but I can pass for middle eastern or white) I don't get it he asked everyone BUT me.. and then this guy was about to approach me from the back as he got closer it seemed like he saw my face and then backed out:(


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  • -Set up a dating profile. You are in control of how people view you.

    -Post photos of yourself

    -Write more than a paragraph (which has a lot of personality in it). -tell a few jokes, write about your personality traits, write about your likes/dislikes, what movies captures your attention (who knows someone reading, may have a lot of things incommon with you and reach out)

    -Write what you are looking for in the opposite gender. (don't just wait for people to write you, browse other profiles.

    -Style your hair, wear clothes that compliment your body type, wear natural looking make up.

    -Go out to places other than clubs ( a lot of the guys there just want to take a girl home ).

    ~You can meet people at church, park, gym, join a club/group event.


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  • Well, you can do things to improve your looks. I don't know what you look like, but there's certainly things everyone can do to look better.

    As for personality, you can improve that too. People are regularly surprised to learn I'm not a grumpy person and actually quite fun. Just engage people when you can and you'll get much better at it.

    As for being Indian, don't worry about it, I think a lot of Indian girls are pretty and surely lots of other men do too, one of my best friends is in fact an Indian girl. That's not anything to worry about.

  • One word and one word only... Alcohol! Go getem


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  • aww that's terrible... there's are easy things you can do to be more presentable if you feel you are not (or you aren't sure) make sure you keep up your hygiene, work out to stay fit, smell nice, keep your hair neat, presentable cloths that flatter you etc. also makeup can make a huge difference (srry I don't know if you already wear it or not) just look up some tutorials on YouTube, they really are super helpful. as far as personality, I know everyone says this, but confidence is really sexy. do what ever you can to make yourself feel sexier, and that will make you more confidant/outgoing/ happy, which will improve a persons perception of you so they can get to know you. remember to smile! XD good luck

    ps. that guy sounds like an ass anyway.. so I wouldn't take what he did to heart :/