Girls, what kind of haircut do you like?

I am 6'2", weigh 190 lbs and muscular. I am 21 and play baseball. And most importantly, I am a red head. I am not your typical looking red head though, like Carrot Top or Shaun White. I am not very pale and freckley. There are actually a select few of us that tan and I am one of them. haha

My question is though girls, What is your favorite haircut or style on a guy? My girlfriend and I have been together for six months and I am going up to see her in a month. She has only ever seen my hair buzzed and I have been letting it grow out for the last month or so. I want to change it up and look really nice for her and maybe even impress her. I have great hair, its just so much easier having it buzzed while playing college baseball.

Girls, what kind of haircut or hair style should I go with before I go see her for the first time this summer?! If you can please post a pic or link to a picture of what hair you like.

Thank you.


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  • A redhead I know has his hair like this, I think Its really attractive- link

  • Oh well I was going to say buzzed... it's a hot look. Don't know what to tell you now.


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