Why do guys treat attractive girls much better than average or ugly girls?

I didn't know it was so bad until I did a social experience in college with 2 girls, the results really amazed me the difference between their treatments were amazing. Guys ignore didn't pay attention and were even a bit mean to the not so attractive girl, and to the other one they were extremely kind and thoughtful.

So guys what makes you think it's okay to be too nice with the hot girl and a jerk to the ugly one?

Even when the hot one is clearly out of your leak


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  • A comment on a Good Men Project post:

    "I’ve seen a few videos where a woman tries to proclaim the misogyny of society by dressing up nice and going about her day, then dressing down and going about the day, noting the differences.

    She proved her point about people’s treatment of women being based on appearance: Busses, taxis, and service people all stopped for the girl when she was dressed up. She didn’t get the same treatment when dressed down. At the bars, she got several drinks when dressed up, and only two when dressed down. She had several guys expressing their interest, too. Only a couple guys took notice of her when dressed down.

    All in all, it seems like this lady proved her point well. But let me add this:

    The average guy will be far less likely to have service people stop to cater to them in any case. Even the best-looking of guys don’t get even two drinks at the bar. And the average guy won’t be told he looks good today, or have many people show interest.

    My final point being: Pretty girls may be treated better, but even average or ugly girls are treated with more friendliness and courteousness on a daily basis than men."

    And furthermore: you see someone on the street looking for a ride. If it's a girl, you pick her up. If it's a guy, you get your pepper spray ready, and drive by.

    If you're picked up by a guy, better have that mace ready. Better to just walk. Picked up by a girl? What a nice lady.


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  • Girls do the same thing. Everybody does. Nobody thinks "oh this person must be out of my league I shouldn't flirt back with them". If a hot guy or girl is talking to you, you're going to talk back and be excited that they're talking to you.

    You have to remember that the only thing that people see initially is physical characteristics. Personality and determining which people have the personalities that you want to hang around come later

    • I thought people talk and flirt back to everyone... Isn't that good manners or something? And really at least I'm always excited to find out why someone I do not really know comes to talk with me and I believe many other people feel this way too.

  • Lmao, girls do this too! you just either ignore or friendzone us.

    • Ummm... I'm not sure what you do but I think people (and yes girls are people too) ignore and friendzone the hot-looking ones too

  • Because even when she's out of your league there could still be a chance. You don't want to get involved with an ugly girl because..she's ugly. There is no attraction and guys don't really want women for friendship only.

    • but can someone be nice to other just for the sake of being nice

    • I'm not really mean to them, I just don't pay any attention to them.

    • I do have some friends who are guys. Why should men don't want women for a relationship?

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  • They can't help it.

    Their dgjgkjg talks before them.

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