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My boyfriend and I broke up about a couple weeks ago. so I've been going out, having fun with friends, meeting new guys trying to get back on the dating scene I guess. Last night I was talking with this guy, he was super cute, totally my type. at the end of the night, I let him kiss me, pg style. anyways it was the most disgusting thing I ever did. why did my ex's face pop in my head and would not go away?! was it because my ex is such a perfect kisser to me?! will this happen every time?! or is it too soon? how do you know when you are ready?! thanks for reading. any advice appreciated!


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  • Yeah this happened to me. Like my ex and I broke up (she broke up with me) and I jumped right back into dating, dated this girl who was really cool.. but every time I was with her I wasn't TOTALLY there because some of me missed my ex and wanted her back. By the way I started dating this girl a month after my ex and I broke up. That was too soon for me. Basically I couldn't get my ex off my mind so I broke up with the new girl because it just wasnt fair to her and took 3 months off and well... Now I'm with my ex again (the one I couldn't get off my mind)

    • Thanks for your input. how did you and your ex get back together?

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    • Thats nice. good for you. is it pathetic to want that too? do you think my ex will realize what he had? what am I supposed to do? I cut off all contact, does this really work you think?

    • Its not pathetic at all. That's what I had always wanted. She was (is) the greatest girlfriend ever so the day she broke up with me I made a promise to myself that I would try to get her back eventually. How I went about doing this.... I told her if we are broken up there is no need to talk to one another for I will just be hurt so don't call me, and I won't call you and text and facebook etc. etc. We can't be friends because it would be awkward and its not what I want. Just be assertive!

  • It's because your still hung on your ex so either get back with him or forget him, it's really that simple. If you wanna get over your ex don't talk to him, and don't hang out with him.


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