Why do I feel so ugly this week?

I feel ugly and unattractive this week for some reason, don't know why. Like 2 weeks ago and most of the time I feel good and a lot of really pretty girls look and hit on me. I'm good looking not trying to brag. I have high prominent cheek bones, well defined features even a deep dimple which I have compliments on. I dress well, keep my hair kept neat, shower twice a day. Usually I feel fine and confident and I could talk to any attractive girl no problem. Now just this like week I look in the mirror and hate the way I look, why is this? I don't even like to go outside.


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  • Maybe you gained or lost some weight and its taking your head awhile to process the difference of your appearance then what you're used to. People think they look better thin, I actually had very sunken cheeks when I lost 50lbs, I was only 100lbs and 5'4. I looked AWFUL. I felt ugly for months. Then I gained 15-20lbs I looked like myself again and I was satisfied. Sometimes its the way we perceive ourselves. Don't be so hard on yourself.


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  • lol..I was thinking the same thing as the first commenter. "It sounds just like how I feel when I'm PMSing".

    Don't know, I guess you're just having one of those weeks. It should go away soon. :)

    Try going out and buying something new for yourself, like new shoes or a new hat, something that makes you feel sexy or something. xD


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  • your on your man period maybe lol

    its normal to have periods of feeling very low but these periods pass away and make plave for new periods of feeling awesome. When that period comes for me I switch periods and feel awesome instead

    PS period jokes aren't funny, PERIOD

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