Looking for the right (male) fragrance, suggestions?

Girls and guys, which fragrance would you most highly suggest (perfumes/colognes) as per my requirement?

I'm looking for something quite specific:

A sweet scented smell, not flowery either but very light, refreshing and appealing. I personally don't get the uber musky male fragrances such as oceans (wth) and stuff. More like Old spice (I still use its deodorant). That make you go aahh :P

VERY long lasting. I hate carrying a glass bottle in my bag at school, I need it to last my school day (around 8 hours) by the very least.

Suggestions? Price isn't the matter as long as it's really worth it.



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  • Hi there! As far as I'm concern, the best men fragance ever is one Million, by Paco Rabbane ( google it, if you want to know how it looks like, or some reviews about it).

    Beside having a "sweet scented smell, not flowery either but very light, refreshing and appealing" just like you said, it's so "men - type", you know, it's both "dangerous", wild and sweet, lovely...

    My friends and I go literally crazy when we sense this smell :D

    Anyway, you should try it in a perfume shop and let me know what you think :)

    • It has great reviews on Amazon. Guess who just blew their week's allowance I DID! :P

      It says 30 days to reach my country, I shall ensure I let you know how it went.

    • Well it basically took ages, and I have officially purchased all fragrances mentioned on this thread. As per my predictions, your has been my favorite. Thank you so much!

    • You're welcome! Glad you enjoy it :)

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  • link


    This smells so good!

  • I like Nautic's range of perfumes, they remind me of the ocean waves, it might be similar to cool water but it has a twist to it and its a tad bit stronger, I especially like Nautica classic and Nautica Blue, hey can you please answer my question its related to fragrances as well:



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  • link I have this one, smells really good and fits your needs I think.

  • Sixstrings has the same fragrance I do... Polo Blue..