What to do when two females are checking you out?

Was putting groceries inside an middle aged man's car, and his two daughters were standing behind me, watching what I was doing. I don't know if they were checking out my whole package Because they were wearing sunglasses. They werent bad looking either, college freshmen looking type of girls. Anyway one of them mumbled the word "sexy" in a low tone, it almost sounded as if she said "six", and the other girl was like "mmmhmmm".

i got no idea what they were looking at lol. I was wearing a small white polo shirt. I do have tattoos, a scorpion on the back of my neck and I got both of my triceps tatted down. was it my tattoos? was it my butt? was it my broad upper back? I don't know lol, this was like missing a bullet thrown football haha. ahhh what do I need to do next time? these girls were caucasian and caucasian females are my preference.


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