Makeup and style tips?

I've never really worn makeup (aside from lip gloss and powder). Can you give me tips in how to apply makeup for work and also for going out? If it helps, I have Asian skin (not Japanese, Korean, or Chinese, but closer to Filipino, Malaysian, or Indonesian), black, wavy hair, and dark brown eyes.

Also, can you give me style tips on how I can dress nicely without looking slutty?


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  • My advice would be to start off by buying cheaper, drugstore makeup to practice with first.

    Until you get used to applying makeup.

    Some examples: ELF/Rimmel/Wet N' Wild/NYC/Hard Candy/Smackers

    *To begin with, use a tinted moisturizer:

    It hides imperfections, it is airy and light, it gives a healthy glow, it is mistake proof and easier to apply and remove than regular foundation and it leaves skin super soft because it is basically lotion for your face.

    *Always top off with translucent loose powder:

    It does not seep into wrinkles and lines like pressed powder, it soaks up shine and oil and it is mistake proof because it has no color.

    *Bronzer can be used on any color skin:

    It gives a warm and healthy glow and slims the face. Choose two types, one with sparkles/glitter for nights out and one without sparkles for work. Use it lightly and sparingly though. Apply to your forehead, temples, chin, and nose..

    *Lip color can take any clean look from work appropriate to a night out status:

    Tinted chapsticks keep lips soft, they are easy to wipe off because they do not stain lips, they go on smoothly and are not sticky. Plus, they come in fun and dramatic colors for going out and more muted colors like beige/pink/ for work.

    *Just use eye shadow for work:

    It is quick and easy to swipe on, easy to take off, and is demure. Choose colors like brown/beige/taupe/grey/mauve. These colors topped off with eyeliner would be good for going out.

    *Also, these tips are not really related to makeup but can help you look just as sleek:

    Apply a small amount of shine serum to hair to tame frizzies and keep hair looking polished. Perfume is always good as long as it is not overbearingly strong.. And curling or straightening hair will also amp up your look whether at work or play.

    *Here are a couple tips on clothing like you asked:

    If you want to wear a skirt to work make sure it is knee length.

    If you want to wear a short skirt on a night out, but be still be comfortable and look classy wear it with black tights.

    Wear flats to work and heels when going out.

    Always keep cleavage at a classy level when at work and when going out.

    If you want to spice things up when going out, dust glittery bronzer on your chest and wear big gold/silver statement earrings.

    Nail color is something that is always fun and never slutty. Whether you wear hot pink/black/beige/silver you can never go wrong.


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  • Foundation

    Everyday looks:

    If you're looking for a simple look for work, just some tinted moisturizer or foundation, a stippling brush or sponge and eyeliner and mascara will do.

    Just watch the first few seconds of the videos and determine whether or not you like them or whatever and whichever you like, continue watching. I chose videos that are tutorials for simple looks, nothing too out there or dramatic.

    Anyways, like I said, I'd stick to something basic. When you do want to go for a dramatic look, opt for purples, blues and earthy tones such as gold, bronze and coppers. Done the right way, they look amazing. The Maybelline Eyestudio eyeshadow palette in "Give me gold" is perfect; it has nice earthy tones

    A couple of great YouTube gurus are MichellePhan, fafinettex3 and xteeener

    How to dress nice without looking slutty. The general rule is if you show leg, don't show chest and not much arms. If you show the chest or a lot of arms, no legs. For workplace, keep skirts fingertip length and avoid dressing for guys, you're dressing in a professional setting.

  • YouTube is where I learned the different types of makeup techniques, a lot of beauty gurus on there talk about makeup what's good what is worth buying and what is not. Since you have never really used makeup look up videos about makeup starter kit gives you the basics of what is best for girls that are new to makeup. Also work makeup you want to keep it neutral depending on the environment again searching work makeup will give you videos that will help give you an idea of colors as well as the techniques to use on the eyes and face. Fashion can be a way to express your self, what I like to do is look at celebrities that I like and look at what they wear when they go out during the day and pick what I like most another thing that helps is when you look at clothing websites like link or forever 21 look at the way they show the clothing items and the different ways to wear the same top. You want to wear something that you like and makes you feel sexy and confident but that will also make you feel comfortable :)