Why does he always push me down, when we are lying in bed?

He is very tall about 6'4 and I'm 5'5 so pretty much the only time we can be the same height and look at each other without looking up or down is when we are lying in bed.

Yet he always pushes me down, so that my nose is pretty much the same height as his collarbone. He does this in all possible positions we could possibly be in.

He says he likes the feeling of my head against his chest but I just find it a bit odd. Does he not want to look at me? Or does want me to be below him somehow?


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  • some times being eye to eye is just uncomfortable I don't like push my girlfriend down but I will position myself higher just to keep it so that my arm isn't in a weird position. but if he does it in any position or place where you guys are even it might be because he likes being taller and being at the same hieght makes him feel inaddiquit in some way. try to play games with him while your walking and step on curbs that make you a little taller and make it seem like fun and games he will eventually start playing back and want to get to an even level with you. if that doesn't work he may just think of it in a sexist way like the guy should always be taller and in that case you really can't fix it. the most important thing is its not anything you are doing and I'm sure he enjoys looking at you he just would prefer to be a little higher it might be that simple with just preference

  • Maybe he feels like being tall is the only thing he's good at. Try to find ways to humiliate him.


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