Chistled or confidence?

so what does everyone think should be more important, to be muscle and physically attractive or have some confidence and be able to talk your way out of any situation or into one?

im about to go into the dating world again and I would like to know should I get ripped or should I get smart. I know both is great but which would be the better to start with. I know I look pretty good as is but I don't have a six pack but I have quite the quick witted personality that has always made good friends and gotten me a lot of relationships. but when I had a six pack as soon as a girl saw it like sealed the deal. anyone know why?


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  • I don't see why you can't do both, but if I had to pick, I'd say confidence for one very simple reason.

    You can find plenty of guys, both here and in the real world, who have worked on their bodies and are now complaining that they still can't get women. They expected women to throw themselves at them, now that they had a hard body. And life doesn't really work like that.

    You can also find people complaining about how come they see these short arse ugly looking dudes walking around with girls who are clearly too good for them? How is that fair? Are they rich, and these girls are just gold diggers or what?

    You'll never find a guy who has confidence, complaining that he isn't getting enough tail.

    Or rather, you might find one or two jokers who will post something like "I'm the quietly confident type. I sit in the corner alone and never talk to anyone, but I am confident, I swear. Anyway, why don't girls like me?"

    • nice answer... I know I have the confidence already but I'm not the most chistled guy around but I'm not fat either. I'm at the point where I could go either way and I can do both its just where I work makes the chistled thing a little harder to get to. but my confidence is fine only reason I don't get tail is cause my girlfriend is leaving in 9 days and not coming back (college). I really just want a good long term relationship any tips on how to pick a winner

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    • I'm going to add one condition to this confidence deal. You need to be taking care of your health. Once you meet that, the rest is as he said.

    • o I'm quite healthy just not totaly rock hard on everyting

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  • Hi there, I am certain that the shallow world will tell you to be beautiful, however, I will tell you to be confident. If nothing else think about all the beautiful people who still have relationship issues lol. When I was in the dating world which was recent (I just got married a few months ago), when I found out that Halle Berry was cheated on it changed my world. Its obviously not about beauty ! My second lesson was from a friend in college. We were roommates and we would go out together. I knew for sure that I was prettier however she was way more confident. We walked into a bar (yes a bar, I wasn't always religious lol) and I thought it would be all eyes on me, and it was at first. Then we sat down and within minutes of her bubbly confident personality with the bartendar other men started to send her drinks. before I knew it I was sitting at the bar holding her purse while she danced the night away lmbo. Its ALL about confidence and personality. Wish you the best. God Bless

    • yea a lot of people say confidence and that's been a good one for me. not into religion which hurts my chances surprisingly. as soon as a few girls found out I'm not anything they turn tail and run.(not athiest either)

    • lol yeah some people use religion as a instant representation of if you are on common ground to start with, innate beliefs etc. its like a moral compass that you know you both minimally believe in regardless of what religion it is most have a similar basis of right and wrong and how to treat people etc. Don't get me wrong all that claim don't mean that girls should just take that as is without being smart. wish you the best. God Bless

  • confidence>buff any day. Sure a guy needs to be attractive in the first place but a sixpack is non essential as far as I'm concerned. Way more important that he's funn/easy to talk to.

  • Confidence... (Why didn't you post this with a poll?)

    • not level 4

    • Ooh. Too bad, since it's the perfect sort of question for that. Hurry up and get to Level 4, lol.

  • Smart/confident to weed out the crap and perhaps attract the right people for ya. :P Looks can attract anyone.


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  • *Chistled*

    I think you should concentrate on getting smart first!