Guys do you like it if a girl wears her hair to one side when it's down?

So that it exposes one ear? Do you find it strange?

Can you link some hairstyles that you like on a girl?


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  • Only certain hair types can pull it off. I think it looks boring when girls with plain straight hair try it. It just looks like a failed imitation.

    • So should it just be kept to wavy/curly hair? Are you talking about hair texture, if so can you let me know which pull it off? Thanks

    • why are you so concerned with what others think of your hair?

      Yes, I think it looks better with wavy and curly hair, more specifically curly hair

    • It's not so much that, I'm trying to find what works for me. I like that style but I'm not sure if it suits me so I'm trying to find something against it :P haha

      Also, since you seem to know a bit about it, it would be good to see what hair textures you think suit it so I can see if I'm doing something wrong. :)

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  • You mean like this: link ?

    I think it's sexy.

  • y to do that, a girl looks beautiful in every look she had. and not for changing it for anyone.

  • It's alright. I like it better when it's flowing down her back though. Also, pigtails. So.F***ing.Hot


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