What kind of outfits would you wear?

Choose 4 outfits for different occasions. Party, formal dinner, out with your girlfriend or boyfriend, and casual.


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  • Party:short black dress with torn tights

    Formal:a white louse blouse with black mini skirt heigh heels and a clutch

    With bf: white short shorts with a loose sexy black shirt wedges and a wallet in my back pocket

    Causal: black ripped skinny jeans hair straightend and a band tee with my fave shoes on earth! My hightop converse


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  • Party: Shorts/jeans with single color button shirt.

    Formal: Black 3 piece suit, whatever shirt color I feel like that day, matching tie, (black skinny tie depending on how formal, goes with everything), dress shoes, simple belt, pocketwatch in the vest, pocket square in the jacket.

    Out (going to assume dinner?): Nice dark jeans, no holes, black undershirt, single color button up, dressy casual shoes, simple belt. Vest if I feel like it.

    Casual: Shorts/jeans, t-shirt or button shirt.