How can I grow my hair out?

Like what can I do to make sure it grows and doesn't break and all that good stuff? Usually I keep it around shoulder/collarbone length because honestly, I've been too lazy too actually do anything with it. But now I'm interested to see how long I can grow it. Any tips? I'd like tips for curly hair, but any helpful suggestions are fine. :)


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  • Avoid straightening or blowdrying or anything to do with heat that might damage it, if your hair is healthy it will grow faster, so if you have damage hair get it trimmed again and let it grow. If you don't use conditioner, use it and focus putting it on the ends (also if you wash out conditioner in cold water it makes it extra soft)

    you could also try using hair masks and stuff, I haven't tried them though but basically avoid damaging your hair

    Also this isn't required but someone told me getting your hair trimmed on the day of the full moon will make it grow faster, you probably won't take this seriously but if you have to get it trimmed why not do it then? XD Also it can't be when the moon is getting smaller, it has to be when the moon is getting bigger and the day of the full moon is best, you cut it while the moon is getting smaller it will grow slower I think. This is just an added thing my friend told me (she likes that fortune telling type stuff and whatnot) (I did do it once and my hair grew pretty fast)


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  • Certain vitamins can help:

    -Biotin.I do take these everyday,they do help.Unfortunately my hair is very curly so you can see the hair growth when I straighten it.It is known to help sin,hair and nails,but some people have said it can cause them to break out or worsen cystic acne.If you do begin taking Biotin pills,don't be freaked out when or if you pee highlighter yellow,biotin isn't toxic,it isn't fat soluble which means it does flush out.

    -Fish oil pills.I started taking these last year when I cut my hair(above my shoulders) and it...ugh...stupid short hair.Anyways,my hair began growing faster,of course,hair does have a limit as to how fast it can grow per month.

    I recommend staying away from pills that are directed towards "hair growth"

    Hair is made up of water and protein.Every strand is 1/8 water I believe,so make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated through out the day.

    The best fruits and vegetables for hair are carrots,cucumbers,apples,bananas(1 a day,no more,too much sugar),avocado(no more than 2-3 a week),strawberries,tomatoes.

    Best foods with protein are almonds,walnuts,oysters,salmon,soybeans(edamame) in moderation,tilapia,oatmeal.

    If anything,try to remain stress free,eat healthy(fruits,vegetables and protein).

    On a side note,yes massaging your scalp is said to help stimulation of blood flow,which can increase growth.Many native indian tribes use Jojoba oil while massaging.

    So In short,my recommendation:

    -Biotin pills.

    -Fish oil pills.

    -Drink enough water to stay hydrated.

    -Take care of your hair externally.Shampoo,condition.


    -Use sulfate free shampoos & conditioners

    -Avoid heat & if you must use heat, use a heat protectant

    -Trimming your ends will NOT make hair grow faster, but it will encourage healthy hair and a healthy appearance. It won't speed up the rate at which your hair grows though.



    As a girl with curly hair, the most important things are to take a biotin supplement, eat a diet with adequate protein, do a protein treatment once a month or so, use heat protectant & deep condition regularly or use a natural oil

  • Dont die it anymore if you do because that makes it weeks and break faster. Also stop using heat on your hair as much that also weakens the hair. Sometimes you can also take vitamins to help it grow but I don't know of anything else. If it still does not grow if you have the money think about extensions.