Girls, if you could turn any guy into a toad just by touching him who would you choose and why?

Maybe this guy wronged you badly or you just really dislike him, or maybe you have a thing for toads lol. anyways who would you change and why?


^ turns into this sucker :P


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  • No one D: plus, toads are too cute and fat :p I wouldn't grant that cuteness to someone I didn't like... or to anyone I like, because then I could never have human-sex with them :(


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  • This guy was a neighbour of mine, who was always an idiot, used to play the piano in the early hours of the morning and steal people's Christmas decorations off their houses but he took it to a whole new level when he ran over my cat and then threw him in the bin, two days later when I started putting up lost posters, he came out of his house as I knocked on his door and told me "ooh I know where your cat is!" I was all excited and with that he took me over to the bin and showed me my poor dead cat and started laughing as I started crying, I was only 8 years old at the time and I still feel sick every time I think of how cruel he was, never hated someone so much so, I'd turn him in to a toad and put him in my snake's enclosure and see what he has to say about it!

  • OMG I don't hate any person to the such a degree. I wouldn't use this weird horrible natural ability LOL!

    But if you love it like Love_in_the_air, I may consider your request, Mr. Robot! :P

    • I changed my mind, someone pissed me off.. NOW I REALLY WANNA TURN THAT PERSON INTO A PATHETIC TOAD!

      Lol xD

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