Would it be weird if I got a letterman jacket made up even tho I'm home schooled?

Would it be weird if I got a letterman jacket made up? Since I'm home schooled I was thinking about just custom ordering one and since I went my freshman year to a regular school get a patch for that. And then maby one for the dance team I'm on and another for the cheer team I'm on. Both cheer and dance are competition. Cause I worked hard to get wear I'm at now and kinda wanted a letterman jacket but I'm home schooled so yea I figured I'd just get one made, I mean I worked my ass off in dance and cheer is not more than normal high school girls do . Would that be weird tho?


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  • A "letterman" jacket is if you lettered in a sport. That is - a varsity sport.

    Although you worked hard and are probably as good as the people who lettered it would be weird for you to get a letterman made... Since the jackets have the high school/college name on the front/back what would be your plan to deal with that? If you put a high school name, the people from that high school will ask questions since they don't recognize you from school. You could put your club team name on it however, I don't know the details on that.

    But I do just want to make the point that nobody wears letterman jackets once they graduate high school because that's gay as sh*t. In addition, letterman jackets are expensive if you're just going to get one made so it's really not worth it.

    My advice is save the money and use it to buy something more worthwhile

    • yea that's true no one wears it, I was thinking of maby just getting one for the homeschool I go to , since it's online just put it's name on the back if I do get one

    • Although it could be a good conversation starter, I don't think you'd get much use out of it. Why don't you just date a guy on the football team and take his like all the other girls? :p

    • lol cause the guy I was dating his letterman was from like 4 years ago and didn't look that hot lol

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