Girls: What kind of outfit would look hot on a guy this summer?

If you had to dress up a guy this summer in the hottest outfit possible, how would you dress him.

If you can could you please post links for tops, shorts, shoes and any other accessories please.



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  • Someone asks this question pretty much every summer. The answer is the same:

    If you're good looking (muscles and the works) pretty much anything goes, and Speedos are preferred, lol. If you're still hiding a bit of winter tummy, polos and shorts work well.

    Light-weight suits if you really need to wear something more formal for the office or other events. Stay away from dark clothing. For a touch of color wear something with a light tint (blue, green, etc.) or a thin/pin-striped pattern.

    No Hawaiian button downs or bermudas...

    • You're not American are you?

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    • my guess is they said that just because of the speedo comment maybe. idk.

    • (Shrugging) I like what I like. Aesthetically, they're a darn sight better (on a fit-looking guy) than bermudas, which obstruct the visual symmetry between the guy's torso and legs... or the overly baggy denim shorts that look like they're about to fall off...

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  • polos, white, v-necks, and shorts with nice legs...mmmmm yummy ;)

    colors white, green, and blue OMG red any guy looks nice in those colors

    p.s I'm not that fond of plaid


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  • I just wear jeans and I nice fitted shirt and nice shoes and it works like a charm. Fitted high v necks in basic colors are good too.