Ladies: What would you think of a guy with a heart tattoo?

Hey there! So, I was thinking about getting just a simple outline of a heart tattooed on the bottom, right side of my middle finger, like the part of my middle finger that is covered up by my ring finger when I make a fist. (Hope I described that okay, if not let me know.)

I'm just worried that ladies might think I'm not very manly or something lol. I'm starting to get back into dating, so I'm not sure of what vibe this would give off. (It would probably not even be noticeable though.)

What do you guys think?

Cool thanks, there's not really any deep meaning, I just really like what it represents.


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  • Depend it's cute if there's a deep meaning behind it

    • Cool thanks. Yeah there's not very deep meaning behind it, I just like what it symbolizes.

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