Girls, if you had a bad hair day, and didn't have time to sort it out, would you be offended if....

If you just put it all back in a hairband without any loose bits around your face, then your boyfriend said in a light-hearted way that it doesn't look as good, and asked a few times for you to put your hair down?


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  • We don't care THAT much about how a woman fixes her hair in that way.

    But if we ask you to do something and you refuse something so small we think you're not doing it out of spite and that's irritating.

    Its best to be open with him and either do it because he like it, and if you don't like it and prefer it the other way then tell him.

    Otherwise we think you're just not doing it to be a bitch.

    • Well, I've been studying non-stop this week, so haven't had time to wash my hair. I gave him a lift home from work and put it back.

      He said that it would look better down and greasy than tied back. I feel a bit offended, because if I looked good, I would look good with my hair back as well :(

    • ITs not that you look BAD one way vs the other. It's that you look BETTER.

      Trust me if you looked BAD that way, he would dump you.

      OR he's supremely shallow.

      And I'm a shallow f***ing a**hole and there's no way I can even fathom being that way.

    • Haha okay thank you that makes me feel better!

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  • Baby please? You look so cute with your hair down.. :(


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  • Nah, I'd be glad he was honest with me. If he was rude about it then I would be offended, but it sounds like he asked gently.

    • He did ask gently. I'm disappointed though lol.

    • Ah well, if it makes you feel more attractive then do what makes you happy. :) He should understand that.