Under proportionate breast size?

How do you guys feel about a girl who has a very small breast size compared to her body?

I'm 17, 5'11" and I have a very large skeleton structure (broad shoulders, boxy torso, wide hips). I have an athletic body though. My breast size seems highly under-proportionate (modest A-cup). I don't want big knockers (lol) because of sports, but I don't really feel sexy. Do you think I have time to grow? lol.

Are there any tips on how to accentuate my breasts or to make them bigger naturally (that's probably not possible to do but it's worth a shot)?


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  • You might still grow. If not, don't despair. There are lots of really good bras out there, that can make a difference. Take the time to shop around and buy yourself something good quality. One of my friends who is 5'9" also wears an A, but I always found she was lucky because she can pull off shirts that are lower cut, backless, or tighter and not look the least bit trashy because her modest breast size keeps it looking much more innocent than it would on a girl with Cs. Find other aspects of your body to emphasize and use this as an opportunity to be unique!


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  • Sexy isn't defined by the appearance of you body, its defined by the confidence that you carry what you have. You can still be very sexy even with out the "perfect" body type. there is still a chance for them to grow, but its very limited. there are only a few natural methods that I can think of and both of which have their side effects, the first is to have a kid, the second is to talk to you dr. about estrogen pills, but that just makes you moody with a slim chance of improvement. But I would BOOST your confidence more than anything.

  • Petite girls with small to medium breasts are really sexy to me, don't change who you are! It's not worth it.

    • That'd be great if I was petite! lol.

  • i like smaller breasts


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