How should I dress for this party?

I need some ideas what to wear to this party I'm going to. We're going to go bowling before, and at the party we're going to be playing basketball and stuff... so I can't wear anything I can't move in. Also there's this guy that I like and I would love to impress him, but I have no idea what I should wear, I was thinking about wearing denim shorts, a cute t-shirt and my pink converse shoes. But what do you think?


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  • Normally I would say something like link link link because that's what I would wear, but seeing as how you will be playing basketball and stuff, you can't really wear those. Your outfit sounds really cute have fun and good luck.

    • haha awws Thank you <3 =)

      Also, do you think it's better to wear khaki colored shorts, or denim shorts? I can't decide -.- :D

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    • Why is there so much sports at the event?

    • Because the majority of the people who will be at te party are guys xD and they all like sports... So that's why we're going to play basketball and whatnot.

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  • The outfit you have sounds good. The party sounds very casual, so it would be weird if you were really dressed up.

    • Do you think converse shoes are a good option? or should I wear ballerinas?

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    • Can't I just play barefoot? =D just throw them aside when we play?

    • Sure, if you want to.

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  • The outfit you mentioned sounds nice, go with that. Guys always love a girl in converse shoes. :)

    • Thanks! :D Also, I already asked the girl above your answer, but do you think khaki colored shorts are better than denim jeans? =P

    • Khaki colored shorts might be better in this instance and I think they're really cute. Jeans don't scream sport as much as khaki shorts do!

    • Okay thank you! :)